Manifesting Miracles Now


Everyday God encounters of Selected authors

Manifesting Miracles Now is a book that will take the reader on a journey of discovery that will reveal to them a simple yet profound knowledge and understanding of what a miracle is and what it means. The reader will gain new insights of the way God reveals Himself in our everyday lives. 

Revealing and opening our eyes to the supernatural in an easy-to-understand way, helping the reader to access that part of themselves so that a miracle is not a rare and chance event, but a regular occurrence on a moment-by-moment basis. 

This can give a new lease of life to the eager reader who has been searching for the way forward to awakening to God easier and take away the obstacles in the path to their success. 

The testimonies from these inspired, authors will ignite the spark or flame within you to understand how much God loves us and wants to interact with us moment by moment. Knowing that no dream or desire is too big or impossible for God as we connect with Him 

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