How to Find the Real You


Sylvia Suhr is an Author, motivational speaker and visual storyteller.

How to Find the Real You

A Journey of Self Discovery

Are you ready to say goodbye to old habit patterns and sabotaging ways of thinking?

Ready to focus more on positive thoughts and gratefulness?

This book has so many keys to freedom and self-acceptance by knowing who you really are.

The person God created you to be.

Let go of who you think you are and discover a better, deeper “you”

Rediscover the miraculous nature of every unfolding moment.

End the struggle of a noisy mind once and for all.

Release inner blockages and old emotions, so that you keep your heart open.

When you let go, you are creating space for something much better.



1It’s Time to Let Go 
2What do you wish to become? 
3Personal Mastery, Be the Best You Can Be!   
4Benefits of Spiritual Well-Being 
5Virtue of Simplicity 
6You Control Your Destiny 
7How Jesus Can Make A Difference In Your Life 
8      Jesus Christ – The World’s Lighthouse to Salvation   My Testimony