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Sylvia Suhr is an author, motivational speaker, and missionary evangelist committed to helping others know Christ’s love. Her book focuses on her journey as she travels through England, Africa, and Australia, showing you the lives of the common people. It aims to motivate and educate people about God’s creation of a special destiny for you. In this episode, Sylvia talked about the books she has written, explaining what it is all about, what it contains, and her experiences during her journey. She also shared some life lessons about discovering who you really are. During the last 20 years, Sylvia has spent her time traveling in the countries of Africa and Asia, particularly in third-world countries. While she was traveling and exploring these countries, she had various realizations. Sylvia’s first book she has written is entitled “ONE LIFE: The Narrow Path,” which focuses on her journey and autobiography. It took her around six months to complete. Upon publishing the book, she learned how to make websites, publish books, etc. Her second book, “How to find the real you: A journey of self-discovery,” focuses on finding who you really are and what purpose you have in life.