The new generation rising up in Kenya

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The new generation rising up in Africa

What are the greatest challenges for the next generation rising up in Africa?

This new generation arising in Africa now has opportunities that were never possible before this time and age.

Demographics ( the study of populations and the different groups that make them up)

Tells us that rising inequality and a fragile global economy are arguably our greatest challenge for the next century.

In in the past, the fight to tackle these challenges took place at the national level, today, it will be cities that will determine how much progress we make. That is because many of these challenges affect our cities and larger towns.

Accross the Western world, aging and shrinking populations and an erosion of the social effect between the retired people and the younger people seeking job opportunities has distorted labour and economic practices

The extra challenge for African

The extra challenge for Africans is that of a post-colonial imigary., which has several features.

One is the desire to reclaim the pre-colonial way of life by promoting alternate ways of governance, this has been referred to as the “African Way” which is quite different to the Westerners way of doing government.

The second feature of this post-colonial imaginary involves an assertion of African interests and increased national chauvinism. At the same time, it also involves an emergent youth that is both agile and increasingly technocratically-equipped in ways that the previous generation were not.

On a personal level, Even in the 21 years that I have been visiting Africa I have seen some remarkable changes in the way things are done and the way the people think.

I will be returning to Kenya shortly and continue the work we are doing there with Heaven on Earth Ministries.

We work with communities in remote villages to provide education by establishing schools.

Millions of children accross Africa are now being educated and taught godly principles and values. These are the ones who will become doctors and lawyers, teachers and business entrepreneurs.

I see this as a way in which changes will be implemented and Africa will become a continant to be reckoned with and is far from a lost continant which some people believe it is.

I believe that through action research and developmental partnerships, opportunities will continiue for the people of Africa to rise up and move out of their lifestyle of hunger and poverty through sustainably intensive farming systems that will improve food, nutrition and income security, especially for women and children and will improve the natural resource base.