The Narrow Path

Available now on Amazon worldwide on the link below.

While many people in the world invest so much time and effort in building their lives around comfort and luxury, I do believe that “comfortable is scary!”

My Autobiography published on Amazon is inspirational and motivational! You will get to read unheard facts and feel genuine love for another human being just by reading this phenomenal book.

For the past 20 years I have been to many third world countries in Africa and Asia, often staying for years and living among people in very remote areas.

I have rescued orphans wandering aimlessly in remote villages who beg for food to survive .

I have witnessed the terrible distress of fathers, mothers and grandparents left to try to feed and care for children.

I have seen children as young as ten years raising their siblings and scrounging food from neighbours.

Witnessed the devastation that comes from having members of families die at an early age due to sickness and malnutrition.

Drought conditions that destroy the crops that were meant to feed the family for the next year.

I have been able to help some, but I’ve dreamed of doing more, so I have written this story of my life and hope this will encourage others to live out their dreams.

I will be using the funds from this book to continue to support the poor, help educate children and build schools, help people to start small businesses and continue the life changing pay it forward income generating programs I have already put in place in the villages.


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