Sylvia’s Dream

About Sylvia

Sylvia Suhr is a published author and a missionary/evangelist

She has a passion to see people set free and know the saving love of Christ.

Preaching the gospel of salvation, teaching and dicipeling in towns and remote villages.

Sylvia has traveled extensively to Africa and Asia and is willing to do whatever it takes to see people reach their full potential and purpose in life.

Her autobiography tells of her background of being brought up in poverty just after the second world war in England.

Her journey from England to Australia enabled her to start a new life in a far away land of promise and new dreams.

Times of struggle and adapting to a new land and a strange culture with her husband and baby.

A new beginning in Kenya

After her second marriage ended, she found new life and hope as she surrendered her life to God.

She then trained for Christian Missions and travelled to developing countries in Africa and Asia.

Living in Africa

Living among the people in remote villages in Africa, she discovered what she had been born to to do.

Introduce people to Jesus and help them live a life of dignity and promise.

Establishing schools and clinics

She established schools and cared for orphans, many who were wandering alone in the villages, hungry and desperate for love and affection.

Working with teams to enable children to be educated and brought up in a loving godly environment.

Because of this, they were able to show people a better way to live and work together as a community.

Helping them stay together and teaching them the ‘pay it forward’ method of living by helping them to build sustainable businesses. 

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